I can't find a title - can I add it?
Titles are added automatically from Steam, so if you can't find a title it's either been added in the last 24 hours, or it doesn't exist on Steam. If it's DLC, try searching for the main game - DLCs do not come up on a Basic Search, but they are listed on the game page.
Can I review DRM-free games?
Has it been released on Steam? Currently we focus only on improving the user experience for people who purchase games on Steam, since they have the largest selection.
Can I post reviews in French/Spanish/German/etc...?
Currently all reviews should be in English, but we are looking at the possibility of having versions of the site available in other languages.
How can my program or blog access my reviews?
We have a REST API available, documentation is at http://api.rvws.net
If I update my avatar picture on Steam will it automatically update on Truth In Gaming?
If your current avatar is linked to Steam we check to make sure it is up to date every time you log into Truth In Gaming. We also try to update it automatically while you are browsing the site, every 24 hours or so.
I added new Steam friends who have Truth In Gaming accounts too, and they aren't being added to my account!
We try to update your friends from external sites automatically while you are browsing the site, every 24 hours.
Why do you need my email address?
If you lose access to the Steam account you log in with, you'll still be able to recover your Truth In Gaming account. If you choose not to set an email address, we won't be able to validate your account if something goes wrong. We never share your email address and don't send out spam.