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Amazing Frog?
Early Access: November 21, 2014
Price: $11.99 (25% off)
Amazing Frog? is a Hardcore Parkour openworld buffet of bonkers physics sandbox gameplay.
Welcome to the town of Swindon, SwindonShire. Home to flatulant super hero, Amazing Frog?
•a 20Km Landscape•A whole bunch of vehicles•4 player split screen•Oculus VR support.•Pigging backs and pigs•ridiculous ragdolls, trampolines, cannons and explosions•Weapons like crossbows lasers and machine-guns•Vicious Sharks•Swimmming ish and Boats in the ocean•Fully fitted Fart Gym•Underground Zombie Frogs in the Sewers•A Giant chessboard•A bunch of test rooms•and a whole lot of mystery...
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