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Playthings: VR Music Vacation
Released: August 24, 2016
Price: $0.99
Playthings: VR Music Vacation is a virtual reality music playground for the HTC Vive. Set on a tropical island where you hit bouncy, musical food with drumsticks, Playthings is sure to delight whether or not you're a musician or a gamer. You don't need lessons to play gummy bears, and music masters will be making sweet symphonies in no time at all. Teleport around a hypercolor fantasy landscape with psychedelic portals, unlock kitchen tools that can rearrange the world around you, and climb the summit of a two story barbeque grill. Lose your body to a rhythm game full of flying hot dogs and hamburger drums, featuring original music by future-funk idols George & Jonathan. If Lisa Frank, George Foreman and Michael Jackson made a video game, the result would be Playthings.
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