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The Trap 2: Mindlock (beta)
Released: June 5, 2017
The aliens continue their sinister studies of human survival instincts. While the world is fighting an entire interplanetary war, a small alien corporation is testing various weapons and human test prisoners. But the tests are not going as they had planned. To ensure order in the complex and the highly dangerous tests, the aliens create a special unit, code-named "Mindlock"...

Witness the dramatic events in the monstrous alien complex! Solve puzzles, kill monsters, test innovative weapons, take over the consciousness of human test subjects and control them to get closer to unraveling the shocking secrets that will leave you shocked!

The first The Trap was released in 2011 and is rightly considered one of the best mods for HL: the number of downloads has exceeded 20 thousand, and the average score tends to 9.5 points out of 10!
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