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Hill Quest
Released: January 26, 2018
Price: $12.99
Play as Hill, Run, Jump and Double jump, use Jetpack, Dive into the sea and much more in this initial adventure where the goal is to rescue your dad and in the way, save the mankind An intriguing platformer games with a serious plot who will be used heavily into other products of the same franchise.

Play as Hill, the only daughter of a genetics specialist seeking to change the course of humanity with immense scientific advances with assistance from a mysterious collaborator. After your father is kidnapped, you must use your training in combat in order to save him.

Hill Quest, The Beginning is a 2D platformer that combines complex and intriguing storyline with fast and fun gameplay. The game features fun music as well as multiple skills and achievements that you can collect.

Exciting platform mechanics: moving platforms, traps, and keys
Melee and ranged enemies
Collect multiple skills and achievements
The ability to swim/dive and use a jetpack through entire levels
Immersive and entertaining multiverse
No paid DLC or season pass
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