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Blast Zone! Tournament
Price: $19.99
Blast Zone! Tournament is the fast-paced game where fun meets explosive combat! 32 player cross-platform multiplayer either local, online, or combined. Ranked and unranked matches to cater to both casual players and hardcore fans. 10 solo and team-based multiplayer modes including Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Bomb Blast, Treasure Mode, King Mode, Zombie Mode and more! Story-driven single-player Challenge Mode with 240 unique challenges. 280 multiplayer levels, with tweakable options including handicaps, lives, starting items, bomber stats, overall match settings, and more. Create individual characters with over 10 billion unlockable cosmetic and gear item combinations. Robust set of social features from friends lists to partying, news, mail, and more to help foster a healthy community and lay the foundations for esports tournaments. Pulsating party soundtrack.
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