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Oil Baron
Released: September 17, 2018
Price: $0.49 (51% off)
The game has 7 locations with special tasks. You must fulfill them until the end of the day. It can be used to collect N amount of oil or earn several thousand $.
To start playing, you need to choose the complexity of the game. There are 5 difficulty levels (easy-normal-difficult-very complicated-insane). It is recommend to put it on easy or normal to start. After selecting the difficulty, you are moved to the location selection. At each of the locations there is a different atmosphere. When you hit the location you are given the opportunity to look around, after which you can hire a geologist for $ 200, which shows the approximate location of the oil.
Or you can manually guess the source. At light levels of complexity, oil is often seen on the surface, so the complexity within the search is minimized.
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