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TEOT - The End OF Tomorrow
Early Access: September 30, 2016
Price: $3.99
IMPORTANT!!! This is a demo prerelease beta version.

Game guide:
To start
• Choose the language and level of difficulty using Vive Controller.
• Direct it to "Enter Virtual Reality" and hard pull the Vive trigger button twice.
• The game will start when the visual start.
In game need to know:
• Press the grip to hold the gun or dagger.
• Once release the gun or dagger will drop. So you'll need to hold on to the grip.
• There's pouch on your left and right. Left is to put your dagger. Right to put your gun.
• To use dagger hold on the the vive grip and swing your hand.
• To use gun hold on to the vive grip, point and pull the vive trigger at the bottom.
• To climb hold on to the left or right grip while your grip is free, climb the ladder by pulling downward with one hand at a time till you reach to the top.
Discover the game:
• You have to escape from the van.
• To escape you need to kill the enemy and destroy the robot.
• The Robot killed open the hatch above. Grab the handle with the grip twist and let go the grip.
• When hatch open a ladder will drop and you need to follow your partner lead when climbing the ladder.
• While in the process you need to safe you partner if there's need.
• Climb up all the way to the ship and you're in safe zone. The game will end. Please have a look at the video after the game. This is the gameplay of what you'll be expecting in future release of the game.
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