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1. Pick up to 6 Steam friends to see what Co-op/Multiplayer games you all have in common (via Friends search tab)
2. Filter games you own out of the search results, if you're looking for something to buy. (set "Games you own" to No)
3. Find something fun to play that you already own, search by genre, etc. (set "Games you own" to Only)
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Clicking 'Add' restricts results to that Feature/Genre/Tag, 'Block' removes any games containing it from the results
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Why use Truth In Gaming?
Unique Search
Multiplayer with friends
Want to play a multiplayer or co-op game with friends, but don't know which ones you have in common? Friend search will instantly show which games everyone in the group already owns - and even filter them further by genre!
Play your games
Have a big game library, but can't find anything to play? You can limit your searches to just the games you own, while still using all the fancy search filters.
Steam Holiday Sales
Have you noticed the Steam Summer/Winter sales constantly feature the same games on the front page year after year? We let you easily filter by year, discount, and rating, blocking unwanted items with a single click.
No Censorship
Uncensored tags
Steam reviews are becoming a closed and heavily moderated system. There are only ~300 tags shown to the general public, with anything they think is problematic for sales (like "Mobile port") vanishing from public view.
Full Steam game list
Steam hides store pages if there are copyright or other disputes surrounding the game (which is more frequent than you might realize), preventing you from curating these titles. We unhide and allow you to comment on them!
Stable platform
Over the past few years of Steam curation I've had hundreds of reviews just vanish without notification, and it often takes weeks for Steam Support to restore them. The 3rd time it happened was during a holiday sale, making my reviews useless for subscribers while the games were deeply discounted!
Easy import
Import your game library and friends directly from Steam in one click!
Easy filtering
Steam "deal" sites focus on prices, not on helping you find the game you really want before you look for a good price! Take our search page for a test drive!
Good games
Our goal is to help you find the best games for you, supporting good devs whether they're huge studios or nimble indies. We don't play favorites for the big money publishers.