I really liked this one!
Easier and more linear than I expected. Thought this would be a little bit of rogue-lite but there don't really seem to be any unique choices or encounters. Just get off the train, clear a linear level, get back on.

Played for an hour and a half, waiting for it to get harder, and it never did.
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Unforgivable difficulty, harsh nature, overwhelming number of quests thrown right at the beginning, but freedom to do things as you will. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I recommend this game since it offers a good amount of fun despite its limitations
A choose-your-own-adventure beat em up, with excellent and unpredictable story outcomes, though the combat becomes a bit repetitive after a while.
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Very intriguing, immersive, and "different". There was definitely love put into this game's world. The sequel takes the lore and "weirdness" even further. I definitely have a few favorite characters (including enemies who never speak).
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Very addicting at first. Also, challenging until you get the hang of how the airport operations work. It's certainly worth a try if you're a fan of sim / management games.
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10/10 If you have a pc you need this game its a classic you've never heard of.
Despite being categorized by critics as mediocre at the time of release, Mirror's Edge truly is a modern classic. The way you move through the game world by itself is engaging on its own. The game popularized first-person platformers on its own.
This game was truly fun - alas it suddenly stops as it was (possibly still is) unfinished. The developer promised to fix, more then a year later I've given up hope. Which is a pity, because the first half was a fun and unique experience.
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For me this game fell somewhere between Legend of Grimrock and Legend of Grimrock 2 - not quite as good as the open-world of the second game, but Vaporum's voice acting made it more of an engaging experience than the original Grimrock.
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A really beautiful, cohesive world which gives you very little of interest to do. There are elaborate systems for cooking, item construction, and such, but in practice they're just grinding; the same is true of combat. Not enough variance.
I don't know why so many people rag on this game. Great single player campaign, and a fantastic multiplayer experience. Holds up wonderfully years after its release, which is more than I can say for a lot of games.
Wonderful single-player mode as expected, and a surprisingly strong co-op mode as well. Great expansion of the universe from the original game. Strong design throughout. This game is frankly just about as close to flawless as any game can be.
One of the most unique games that you'll ever play. A wonderful blend of story told through an always-present narrator and beautiful music. There is just enough action to keep things interesting, but it's really not the main focus of the experience.
Slow but solid gameplay, though there are some major balance/difficulty issues - and to counteract those you need to grind quite a bit. The graphics are similar to a space RTS, though you have far less units than a normal RTS.
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