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This game was truly fun - alas it suddenly stops as it was (possibly still is) unfinished. The developer promised to fix, more then a year later I've given up hope. Which is a pity, because the first half was a fun and unique experience.
This interactive fiction game is filled with fun puzzles and light brain-teasers. Great fun to play as couch-coop.
Tremendous strategy game with very unique mechanics and high addiction factor. Once you have played through the missions, there are tons of high-quality fan-made maps. You don't need Creeper World 1 or 2 to enjoy this game. Linux-friendly.
Indie-Developer BrainGoodGames specializes in single-player puzzle games. Solar Settlers is incredibly fun and addicting. A single game plays in 10-20 minutes, great for a coffee-break. Plays well on Linux.
At first I really didn't get all the hype, I died, died again and closed the game. Third time was the charme and the game had me hooked for a few hundred hours. Developer still releases content updates to this 5 year old game. Go buy it!
This game has entertained me for a hundred hours or more. Yet, the successor is even better. Do yourself a favour and go buy Siralim 2 instead.
The Monster-Collectors dream. No max level-cap and you can grind for hours. And days. It's great fun to "collect them all". Siralim was fun, Siralim 2 is better. You don't need to play Siralim 1 to enjoy this.
What this game lacks in graphics, it makes up in gameplay. ARPG that with a living, breathing world, When an NPC gives you an urgent quest, it is urgent and will fail if you wait. Monsters feud amongst themselves and grow stronger. Fun!
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