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A really beautiful, cohesive world which gives you very little of interest to do. There are elaborate systems for cooking, item construction, and such, but in practice they're just grinding; the same is true of combat. Not enough variance.
Wonderful single-player mode as expected, and a surprisingly strong co-op mode as well. Great expansion of the universe from the original game. Strong design throughout. This game is frankly just about as close to flawless as any game can be.
I really wanted to like this game; it has an interesting setting and not-bad graphics, and the voice acting is decent. But the constant barrage of interrupting cutscenes, cliched characterizations, unreliable controls, and trite gameplay killed it.
A very fun little top-down brawler with a strong personality. The narrator is very good at reacting appropriately to nearly any action. The levels follow a noticeable formula, but new surprises are introduced frequently. Aiming is a bit wonky.
Improves greatly on both the story and gameplay elements of the first ME. Still not as strong as a dedicated shooter, but I had plenty of fun with the newly streamlined powers and cover mechanic. However, it oddly has no gay relationships.
Enjoyed the Star Trek-esque focus on story, character and world-building over action. But, there was still a fair amount of action, and it was unfortunately rather poorly implemented, particularly inventory management. Great voice acting.
Fun, humorous, and frantic. Almost too much so; there are so many explosions and elemental effects everywhere that it's easy to get lost. Made up for by the responsiveness of the controls and the variety of spells. Best played with friends.
Very pretty and focused sim. Lets you set up routes very precisely, which is crucial, as many things can (frustratingly, but properly) go wrong. Problems: constructing monorails is too tricky, and it's hard to tell what changes your reputation.
A mix of amazing innovations (ludicrously navigable world for a non-sandbox game, lots of fun vehicles) with terrible flaws (unfair enemies, very annoying characters, odd bugs). Generally worth playing up to the cool part with the hang-glider.
The very best argument for the single-player FPS design. Very good flow between tense action and environmental storytelling.
The rare game that exceeds its own hype. Humorous but involving, strong puzzles with exhilaratingly fun solutions.
Really wanted to like this one for its interesting theme, but the puzzles are (as usual for old adventure games) not satisfying at all.
Even better than the highly enjoyable first season. Funny stuff, easy but enjoyable puzzle-solving. Play them all, but not in one sitting.
Played this endlessly, online and local. Deep yet easy to pick up. Lots of creative alternate modes from the community. Excellent music.
Essentially just Worms Armageddon 1.1, but what's wrong with a little polish being put on an already very strong game? Only wish WormPot had a random spin mode.
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