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Groundbreaking for its time, but in many ways it doesn't age very well. The every-conspiracy-ever-is-true thing becomes just silly. Could've used a proper map HUD. I did like that every problem has multiple solutions, and the variety in mods.
Fun concept, but more than a little repetitive. I'm disappointed in such simple defense games after playing Lock's Quest.
Fun idea bogged down by repetitive gameplay and extremely finicky physics. It's kind of stuck in a no-man's land between Mario and LBP, with the bad parts of both and none of the good. Art is lush yet undifferentiated and somehow generic.
At the very topmost echelons of video-game writing and plot development. However, heavily marred by numerous bugs and poorly designed mechanics and UI.
Lovely concept, very satisfying to play and watch (die virii die!). Loved the intro demos. But, I wish the plot mechanics (i.e. factories) were real in game.
An adventure game that demonstrates both the best and worst parts of the genre. Loved the story, humor, and music. Disliked the arbitrary puzzles and interface hassles (though mouse-less control is nice). Exceptionally good voice acting.
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