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One of LucasArts' best old adventure games. Intriguingly shows its ancestry in text games. Consistently funny, especially the pun-based swordfighting.
As a child, this game blew my mind. Humorous environments, simple puzzles (but more than enough for young me), a top-notch kids' game.
A children's game from the crew that would go on to make Myst. Fun, exploration-heavy, easy but age-appropriate puzzles. Loved this one as a kid on my old Mac.
Like Myst, very beautiful and peaceful. Puzzles beat the crud out of me, but even using a walkthrough I had a highly enjoyable time working through this game.
Classic for a reason, but unfortunately doesn't hold up nearly as well as Riven. Peaceful, yes, but also frustratingly slow, with inconsistent detail.
Very poor game design. The puzzle solutions are non-sensical. The robot controls are finicky and very slow. The hint system is slow and frustrating. And the flash interface causes lots of problems. This is too bad because the visuals are amazing.
Amazingly innovative gameplay that's difficult yet (nearly always) satisfying. Great music and visuals, that show a lot of lush detail and useful state. The writing was meh, but you don't have to pay much attention to it. The "star" puzzle is unfair.
I am so very very tired of sliding tile puzzles. This is the best imaginable presentation of a sliding tile puzzle game, but since the puzzle itself is largely unchanged (except even easier due to interchangeable blocks), I say "meh".
Fun concept, and the game is supported by very well coordinated visuals and music... but unfortunately the game itself is so simple and so dependent on chance starting conditions that it's more of a toy than anything else.
Wonderful style, which is unfortunately dragged down by the curse that plagues all physics-heavy games: extreme fiddliness. Puzzles have to be "solved" by just trying the same thing over and over. I want to see this designer on a better game.
The best team-oriented online FPS, bar none. Cartoon environments meet very intense tactics. Gameplay thoroughly polished to a mirror sheen. Love the differences between the classes, especially the highly unique spy and medic. Great mod community.
All the adorable little graphics of evil gap-jawed aliens were great. Many many different things to upgrade and try out. However, the core tower defense thing was pretty ordinary, and the game is way too unforgiving of money mismanagement.
I wanted to love this game for its neat gameplay and fun aesthetic, but the utterly terrible user interface and loading times made it tough. Too many flashing lights in the way during combat. Lots and lots of text that add nothing to the game.
Novel mechanics and a really fun overall aesthetic are dampened somewhat by a Mario-Party-esque level of random unfairness. Really enjoyed approaching each level as its own little puzzle, but it was a downer when it didn't matter much in the end.
Generic and predictable, didn't do anything I wasn't expecting from a mile away the moment I saw what genre it was. The map system is pretty bad. The many tiny little graphical touches were nice, but there's only so many barrels you can blow up...
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