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Flub Fighter
Released: February 27, 2017
Flub Fighter is a Free to Play 3-D, action-party game where up to four players fight against each other for flubby dominance. Flubs cannot be harmed through punching alone; only a well-placed trap or punch that send a Flub flying into dangerously placed lethal hazards can score kills. Players can utilize a one-button, multi-directional punch system to knock opponents back and to maneuver around levels. Tapping the button delivers a short-ranged, light punch. Holding down the button charges up your Flub and allows for a powerful punch that sends you and your opponent flying. In addition to punching, players can collect items during a match to hinder opponents. Items can be thrown directly at opponents, or be placed on the environment as traps. To achieve victory, players will need to outsmart opponents and stay on their toes in the face of dangerous, hazard-filled environments.
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