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Project GR-5LYR: Galactic Relocation
Released: August 22, 2018
Price: $4.99
You are a part of Project GR-5LYR (Galactic Relocation - 5 Light Year Radius). Our home planet is running out of resources, so we must find a new place to call home. Your mission is to land on a nearby unexplored alien planet, and prepare it for habitation. Start a colony, hunt for resources, and "take care" of any hostile local lifeforms.

In the beginning, you'll start buying and placing buildings, to expand your colony. You'll produce soldiers to protect it all. And you'll confront indigenous monsters and alien space pirates in turn-based hex-grid tactical battles. As you expand your base, you'll gain access to more unit types, and upgrades to your buildings and soldiers. In the end, you'll need to finish preparations for the colony ship landfall, and ward off the determined assault of the Pirate King, Huntron.
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