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Sam & Max 201: Ice Station Santa
Released: May 16, 2008
He's the most ancient and powerful opponent they've ever faced, a hairy, bloated, pagan God - Santa Claus! With Christmas presents on the attack and carols of gunshots drowning out the bells, Sam & Max must storm the North Pole to bring down a less-than-jolly foe. Can the Freelance Police make sense of this Christmas conundrum in time to save the world's children from a holiday tainted by tears, turmoil, and Torture-Me-Elmer?
•The first of five hilarious episodes
•Memorable characters and thousands of lines of funny dialogue
•Intuitive point and click gameplay
•Unique built-in hint system tailored to the player's needs
•Original jazz soundtrack
Even better than the highly enjoyable first season. Funny stuff, easy but enjoyable puzzle-solving. Play them all, but not in one sitting.
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