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Released: May 1, 2018
Price: $8.99
Year 0 of Ashy era, in the command of Lilith the vanguard Simaxue headed the "Dusk Bell - the hell legion"(dusk bell), attacked the Millennium Parliament.Dusk bell finnally seized the Groan snowfield, Simaxue drew the "scythe of original sin" and triggered the "Original sin" storm. This storm awakened the Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) of humans, the akakended humans are called "the ESPs".

In the following two years, a borderless organization "ESP institution" founded by the ESPs arised. Caesar-the immortals awakened. The Queen Kaparfait I vannished mysteriously, then his uncle Pavaro became the regent of Farn kingdom. Pavaro changed the previous moderate policies against the ESPs, he started to repress and expel the ESPs which are supported by Caesar. Those expelled ESPs were mostly attracted by the mild policies and joined the "ESP insitition" and Principality of Syvia.

Afterwards, the repression of the ESPs in Farn kingdom aggravated, the Dusk Bell becaome more active. At that time, the regent Pavaro has survived in an assasination. He declared that the assassin is a ESPs, and this event became the reason of his harsh rule of the ESPs.

This SRPG game is easy to start with.
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